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I’m a professional, freelance photographer, currently based in¬†Sydney, New South Wales.

My main work is as a press and magazine photographer, but I am available for freelance work.

Images have to do more than look nice. They have to capture the buzz, the energy, the essence and the mood of the moment. Those are the things which cannot be Photoshopped in afterwards.

I love the challenge of working on a new photographic project, whether that’s astrophotography in freezing conditions or half-hanging out of a helicopter at the right altitude, at the time of day when light is best, or wading through waist high water with a full load of camera gear, to get the right shot.


Whether you are a personality looking for a new profile picture, or a magazine requiring an editorial photographer, please give me a call on (08) 6460 5543 to book in your shoot. I am available for work anywhere in the world.