Mona Vale, Sunrise

Early start to catch the sunrise over the beach. Packed the cameras and a thermos full of tea and hit the road. Met two photographers down there and french bloke who slept nearby in his van thanks to a residents parking permit. Ah the life 🙂

Hello Sydney!

If you’ve been following our travels on social media, you’ve probably already noticed that we’ve moved! We packed all of our cameras, computers and even the cat, and drove for eight days across Australia from Western Australia. We’re now all set up in Sydney, and are looking for clients in fashion, commercial and editorial markets….

Headbutting Nuns

As a photographer, it’s always fun going to iconic locations that have been photographed millions of times. You have to have a think of how to capture a photograph that is personal to you, and even try to get a unique perspective. There were some great clouds that day over the Sydney Opera house, so…

Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach starts today. Nicole and I headed down this morning to get an early peek. Great pieces this year including a giant “goon bag” (Aussie slang for a wine cask). Many of this year’s pieces speak of the conservation and protection of our marine environment and coastlines, issues which…