Music Event Photographer

Music Event Photography
Music Event Photography
By The Hour
-1 Hour of event photography/live music photography
-Perfect for bands wanting professional photos of a gig
By The Day
-8 Hours of event and/or live music photography
-Perfect for festivals and other day long events such as sporting carnivals
By The weekend
-2 days of event photography of 8 hours each day
-For multiple day events, such as camping festivals

Music Event Photographer

Are you looking for a music event photographer? If you’re in the business of staging events, you’ll want the photos of your event to look as good as your event does!

Inviting the media to your event is one way to get coverage. But you can’t control the imagery which the media will capture. By hiring an experienced event photographer, YOU have the final say on the images which represent your event and brand.

Big touring companies often prefer to choose their own photographers. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, managing access at a large event for a large number of media outlets can be difficult. As mentioned before, you don’t always get a say in how your event is portrayed. Secondly, some larger artists have very strict photo policies in place. Which can also mean managing media access can be tricky. Thirdly, media outlets will charge you if you wish to obtain copies of the images taken at your event. It’s much better to have your own!

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