Sydney Event Photographer

Sydney Event Photographer
Sydney Event Photographer

Sydney Event Photography

Are you looking for a Sydney event photographer? Because you’ve come to the right place.

Jordan Shields is a freelance event photographer, who has covered events attended by the queen. His clients include major newspapers, high end fashion brands as well as vaious corporate event clients.

Whether you are holding a book launch, or a dinner for visiting heads of state, Jordan Shields is the Sydney event photographer to call.

Types of events we photograph:

Jordan’s experience working for major newspapers means that your images will be edited and then provided to you with a rapid turn around time. No waiting for weeks for your photos while your guests have forgotten about your event.

Jordan also has a pool of trusted photographers, so should you require the services of more than one event photographer, we can provide a team of photographers large enough to cover your event. No matter what the size.

If you are holding an event such as a charity ball, please get in touch, because I have special packages available to registered charity organisations. I can also offer an online print store for your attendees to purchase prints, with a portion of the proceeds being donated back to your fund raiser.

You can check out my prices here.

Video Production

Should you also require video of your event, Jordan has you covered for this. Your event can be recorded from multiple angles, and edited as your needs require, or you can simply be provided with the raw video footage to have edited, or for archival purposes.

You can read more information about our video production services here.

Bronte Baths

Sydney From The Air

For my birthday last year, I was given a drone.

A drone really is the most fun and interesting camera a photographer can have.

So after a few months of practicing with the drone, I’ve got some video to show you.

Sunrise over Coogee and Bronte Cliffs

Tinder Hacks Sydney

Tinder Profile Hacks Sydney Guys

Tinder Profile Hacks Sydney Guys.

Hey guys, want a quick and easy way to “hack” the Tinder system?

How do you get more success on Tinder? Surely there are some sort of Tinder hacks for Sydney guys? I’m not going to teach you how to “hack the gibson”, but you should read on…

Although not technically a hack, you can improve your chances of success by booking a professional photographer to take your photos for your Tinder profile.

Just like when you are buying something online. People judge the appearance of a person based on the quality of their photographs. In this instant age, decisions are made in a split second, so you want to look your best.

Not everyone is chilled out when there is a camera on them, so it can be hard to have good photographs of yourself. Perhaps you’ve recently come out of relationship and all of your photos are with your ex. No matter why, I can help you get quality professional photographs for use on your online dating profiles.

Tinder Profile Tips

Tinder Profile Tips

Tinder Profile Tips

My professional Tinder photo shoots are proving very popular, so I thought I’d post a few Tinder profile tips to help make your tinder profile stand out.

Profile Photo

This can be the most important bit, let’s be honest. If someone doesn’t look great in their photos, you’re not going to be swiping right. Dating sites like E-Harmony match you with people based on your interests, however Tinder can be a bit more based on looks.

  • No fishing fellas! Although some girls do like fishing, most don’t.
  • Don’t crop an old photo with the ex, you can tell you’re standing next to a woman.
  • Sunglasses, take them off! It’s good to be able to see someone’s eyes when making a split second decision to date them.
  • Mix it up! Have a combination of photos where you are smiling and not.
  • Try different angles! Ever notice you look different in photos compared to the mirror. You can only see yourself from one angle in a mirror.
  • Get a professional to take your tinder photos!

I’ll have more tips for your tinder profile on my blog soon. Good luck out there!



Rose Bay Sea Planes Sydney-1

Rose Bay Seaplanes

I was down at Rose Bay Seaplanes last week for an upcoming project I’m helping out on.

Such a nice spot down there, and the seaplanes are from an era gone by.

I think I’ll have to head for a flight over Sydney Harbour some time in one of these classics.
Rose Bay Seaplanes, Sydney

© Jordan Shields 2015


Bondi Surf (1)

North Bondi Surf

Some of the best waves I’ve seen down at Bondi. We had a BBQ while we watched these guys surf. They stayed out until well after sunset. Living in Sydney makes me want to get a surfboard. Really like the waves in NSW, and it has a real surfer culture that I haven’t seen since Margaret River in WA.

Surfers, North Bondi Beach, Australia.
© Jordan Shields Photography 2015.

Music Photographer in Sydney

Are you a band or artist needing a music photographer in Sydney? Jordan Shields has worked with many artists, from Triple J Unearthed indie artists, to big international bands such as Deep Purple. His work has featured around the world in magazines and newspapers, and he is now based out of Sydney.

Whether you need press pack photos for promotional purposes, or are in need of cover art for a new album or EP, Jordan can help sell your music with professional images.

You can view more of his work on the music page of this site. Book your shoot today by giving us a call on (02) 9617 0208.