The Gyuto Monks of Tibet

It was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

I had just dropped Nicole off at work, and was walking around Fremantle with my camera in hand, when I came across the monks in the Fremantle Town Hall.

They were in the middle of chanting, so I walked in slowly and had a look at the sand mandala that they had been creating.

I noticed there was an upper level of seating, from where I could get a good photo of the mandala from above. I headed up there and got a photo.

When I was walking down the stairs, a lady came up to me and asked “are you our photographer?”. I replied, “I could be, why?” She said that their photographer was unable to make it down, and that they needed photos of one of the monks for the UK Sunday Times Magazine. I happy said that I could take some photos for her.

The monk pictured in the portraits was introduced to me as Yeshe, I assume he is some sort of leader in their group, though I didn’t ask a lot of questions, it was just really nice meeting and photographing someone so at peace.

Here is what I took.

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The Rubens

The Rubens @ Capitol

Posting a few music photos from a while back that I had forgotten about.

The Rubens play at Amplifier Capitol in Perth on the 3rd of May 2013.

I really enjoyed their light show, and a decent band live.

Taken for Triple J Magazine.

46 Brigade

I recently had a promo photo shoot with the boys from the band 46 Brigade.

Matt, Craig and Stefan are a great 3 piece rock act who are doing big things with their music. They recently played for a packed Patterson’s Stadium during an AFL football match, and had me down at The Irish Club in Subiaco to photograph their album launch.

Stay tuned to the blog for photos from 46 Brigade’s “Reverse The Future” Album Launch.

46 Brigade by Jordan Shields (4)

OVO Opening Night

Cirque du Soleil really know how to build the atmosphere for a show. In the days before the opening night, the giant egg shaped hot air balloon was flown above the city and last night before the opening show, the giant egg lit up next to the big top tent under a stunning sunset.

Full Gallery on PerthNow

With the smell of popcorn in the air, performers dressed as bee-keepers and insects interacted with the crowd until the lights dimmed and ‘The Foreigner’, a bug played by Francois-Gullaume Leblanc, started running through the aisles with OVO on his back, the egg.

The humour between The Foreigner and Master Flipo (played by Joseph Collard) and the romance with Ladybug (Michelle Matlock) provided a thread between the performances.

The audience were then captivated by the hand balancing of Volodomyr Hrynchenko in Dragonfly of Orvalho.

Ants  filled the stage, performing an act of foot juggling and Icarian games, before the lights dimmed and a cocoon rose from the stage. An aerial silk performance by Nadine Louis transfixed the crowd, and with the use of lighting and fabric, the performer inside the silk created a visually stunning act resembling the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly.

The Butterflies (Svitlana Kashevarova and Dmytro Orel) then performed an amazing show on ropes and straps, sending the crowds heads twirling as they watched them spin.

Next was the Firefly (Tony Frebourg) performing a Diablo act, throwing his spinning Diablo so high it almost hit the roof of the big top. His act ended with him juggling 4 spinning Diablo at once.

Lee Brearly then performed his ‘Creatura’, a strange creature which changes shape, leaving everyone wondering how many people are inside the costume.

Flying Scarabs then took to the trapeze, as a net lowered from the roof of the big top tent. The Scarabs flipped and swung, landing perfectly on the hands of other beetles, and catching each other in a puff of chalk.

The crowd came back from the intermission to a contortion act by the Web-Spiders (Svetlana Belova, Robyn Huopt, Nadine Louis) amongst a web of ropes.

Fleas hopped about the stage with their Acrosport, juggling each other and stacking three performers high.

Li Wei then took to the slackwire as Spiderman, rising from the floor balanced upside down as the wire lifted higher. He balanced and contorted on the wire and ended the act by riding a unicycle with his neck and hands to thunderous applause.

The main characters of Ladybug, The Foreigner and Master Flipo  returned with abundant slapstick, involving the crowd in trying to help The Foreigner woo Ladybug to much laughter.

Crickets climbed a rock wall and leapt off onto trampolines in what has become one of Cirque du Soleil’s signature performances. The Crickets leapt and climbed  swinging along the rock ledge across each others arms like they were vines.

The finale saw the cast come back out to take a bow, including the band of cockroaches who provided the music for the entire show, and ended with butterfly confetti covering the stage and crowd to a standing ovation for the opening night.

To see a gallery of my photos, follow this link to PerthNow.

Jordan Shields 2013.

Astro Photography

Whenever it’s holiday time, I always like to take astro photos, especially if I’m in the south-west staying with family. A good friend kindly lent me their Celestron Telescope, so last night I was able to get some incredible photos of the moon, and even managed to capture the rings of Saturn on a night with a full moon close to the Perth CBD. Have a look at the images below. I’m very happy with how they turned out. Big thanks to Bart Alder for lending me his baby while he is travelling through Thailand. What an awesome piece of equipment!

Concert For The Kimberley, Fremantle

A huge crowd turned out today in Fremantle for Concert For The Kimberley, featuring Missy Higgins and John Butler. South Terrace was filled with thousands of people protesting the development of James Price Point as a gas hub.

The development of James Price Point is a contentious issue, which is opposed by a majority of Broome residents, people around Australia, and internationally.

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Australia Day Perth

Australia Day 2013

I know it’s February, but I thought I’d share a few of my Australia Day photos that I took for The Sunday Times. I even managed to get a front page with one of my photos.

Here is a set of photos of Australia Day 2013 in Perth.

© The Sunday Times, all rights reserved.