Professional Tinder Photos

Professional Tinder Photos
Professional Tinder Photos Sydney

Professional Tinder Photos Sydney

Are you on Tinder? Are your photos up to scratch? Are they with friends? Do you look your best? Please tell me you’re not fishing in the photo!

Just like with other forms of social media, a professional photo on Tinder can increase your influence. In this case, more right swipes.

I photographed one of my friends who uses the photos on his profile, and he mentioned that I should offer this as a service to people. So here it is!

Basic Package
-30 minute photo shoot
-5 professionally colour corrected and retouched images in both hi res and web size copies
The Standard
-45 minute photo shoot
-20 professionally colour corrected photos in both web and hi res copies
-5 professionally retouched photos chosen from your 20 colour corrected images
The Lot
-60 Minute photo shoot
-your entire proof sheets from the shoot, professionally colour corrected in both web and hi res copies. (generally between 50-100 images)
-10 professionally retouched images you choose

How does it all work?

We meet up at a cafe and have a chat, so I can get to know you better get you relaxed about being in front of the camera. Normally I shoot somewhere outdoors like a park or even an urban setting, but we can also do a few shots in my studio, or perhaps even incorporate an activity or sport you’re into. You’re more than welcome to come to me with a shoot idea.

During this time I will take many photos (usually around 500), from which I will select the “proofs”, or the best images (normally between 50-100). You then select your top 20, and I will professionally colour correct them and then supply you with a dropbox link to make your selections. Depending on the package you’ve chosen, you select your picks and then those images are professionally retouched to make you look your best.

Can I find out more?

Check out my FAQ or use the contact form below to get in touch.

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