Tips for finding the right Wedding Photographer

By Jordan / May, 18, 2012 / 0 comments

There are thousands of wedding photographers all saying they are the best, and that they will capture your day in a unique way. How do you choose?

I thought I should compile a list of tips for couples who are looking to book in the photography for their big day.

  • Who will be your photographer? – Often studios farm out work to photographers they hire on a casual basis. Sometimes even advertising for photographers with no wedding¬†experience! Make sure you confirm exactly who will be your photographer.
  • Ask to view an entire wedding or album. A portfolio is just a selection of a photographer’s best photos. Usually a wedding portfolio is just the best image from each wedding. You want more than one photo you love.
  • What type of wedding photography do you want? Classic? Documentary? Some photographers will stop a wedding ceremony to ensure a photo is perfect. Some people want this, for others this may be annoying.
  • Contract-Make sure everything you have paid for is laid out in a contract which has been signed by the photographer. Do not sign anything unless you are happy.
  • Ask questions about the weddings you are shown- With so many people buying digital SLR cameras, there are many out there posing as professional photographers, using photos from their friend’s weddings in their portfolios, or hiring models to prepare a portfolio.
  • Beware of “equipment lists”-why would a professional photographer need to list the equipment they use? Having a professional grade camera does not make a person a professional photographer.

There are many things to look for, but here is a quick list to get you started. Weddings are always prone to surprises, only by hiring a professional will you ensure that the photos from your wedding are in trusted hands. Cameras die during the kiss, memory cards run out while the ring is being put on, make sure you hire someone who knows this and has a plan in place to guarantee your wedding photography.

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