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Videographer Sydney

Are you needing a Sydney videographer to cover your event or corporate video needs? Whether you just need raw footage of your event, or whether you would like to produce a commercial. No matter what size or length of production, we can meet your needs, even if it seems like a tiny project.

Our video clients include musicians, corporate speakers, app developers, and real estate firms. Whether you need a set of corporate training videos or a commercial for youtube. We can tailor a production to suit your video requirements.

A range of different productions we have worked on can be viewed here.

Camera Equipment

For bookings that only require short bursts of filming in HD, we use Canon cameras. Please get in touch if you require continuous filming of events, or require your production to be filmed in UHD. We have access to a full range of camera from drones to digital cinema rigs.

Video Editing Services

If you just require raw video, let me know, however, professional editing is offered with all jobs.  Your edits are then managed through an online interface so that you can communicate your required changes. Edit rates depend on the job, the number of rounds of changes, and the length of footage.

Who Might Need a Sydney Videographer?

Different projects we have worked on:

  • Music Clips for broadcast on Rage and youtube
  • Theatre productions
  • Corporate education seminars
  • DJ performance videos from music festivals
  • Time-lapse video for various uses including real estate
  • Internal corporate communication videos
  • Live musician performance
  • Broadcast footage for Sky News

If you are looking for a friendly, flexible and reasonably priced Sydney videographer, get in touch!

Runaway, The Great Southern of Western Australia

NBA 2K22 Collab with Allan McKenzie.

Polymer, Believers music video.

Lake Keepit Drought

Jordan Shields Aerial and Cinematography Showreel

Parkinson’s Disease (CU shots and cutaways)

Octopus Pro TVC 

Mathas, White Sugar Video Clip

What is the difference between a videographer and cinematographer?

With digital video technology now at the level of cinema, it can be hard to figure out what the difference is. Typically a videographer is a one-person operation,  who will direct, film and often record the audio too. A cinematographer is a part of a larger film crew, which can include a director, gaffers (lighting), grips (people to mount and secure cameras) and audio, as well as many other film crew roles.