Jordan Shields, Sydney Photograper

Australian Photographer and Cinematographer Jordan Shields

Jordan, a photographer and cinematographer hails from the South West of Western Australia and has worked all around Australia. His passion for capturing both still and moving images was cultivated during his previous tenure as an IT Manager and elevated to a full-fledged career after serving as the unit stills photographer on a feature film.

In the last decade, Jordan has established a reputation as a leading photographer, with his work being prominently featured and gracing the covers of numerous magazines and newspapers. He brings a wealth of technical knowledge to any project and is highly valued for his expertise on set.

Jordan’s clientele comprises of esteemed publications, corporations, arts organizations, musicians, and other elite entities. His photographs have garnered global recognition, appearing in the likes of The Australian, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, Triple J Magazine, and many others. He has even covered international events, such as CHOGM, as a member of the international press corps.

With a diverse portfolio that spans from capturing iconic moments with HRH Queen Elizabeth II, to capturing the essence of legendary musicians such as Ian Paice of Deep Purple, to operating drones in the remote Australian Outback, Jordan’s experience and expertise in photography is unparalleled.

Jordan’s impressive body of work has earned him numerous accolades, including the Kiss My Camera Grand Prize in 2011 by the WA Music Industry, solidifying his status as a leading figure in the photography industry.

Since Jordan left the world of corporate IT, Jordan’s work has been featured in and on the cover of magazines and newspapers, and has grown more to feature moving pictures. With a great knowledge of technology, Jordan is a very handy person to have on set in any capacity.

His clients include newspapers, magazines, corporations, arts organisations and musicians.

Jordan’s photographs have featured worldwide in publications such as The Australian, DRUM! magazine USA, The Sunday Times (UK and Australia), The Daily Telegraph, The West Australian Newspaper, Triple J Magazine, The Wire Magazine, Drum Media, Xpress Magazine, as well as working for the international press corps during CHOGM.

From photographing HRH Queen Elizabeth II, to taking portraits of Ian Paice from Deep Purple, to photographing from helicopters, his subjects are as varied as his clients.

Whether it’s editorial news around Sydney, or drone operation in the Australian outback, Jordan brings a decade of camera experience.

Jordan was awarded the Kiss My Camera Grand Prize in 2011 by the WA Music Industry.