Music Photography Sydney

Producer L Y T E in my studio.

Music Photography Sydney

Music is the raw essence of emotion translated into soundwaves, and my lens captures that very essence in a visual symphony. Whether I’m immersed in the electrifying atmosphere of a live performance, from the intimate ambiance of a cozy venue to the roaring energy of a massive summer music festival, or crafting promotional images for media, my mission remains unwavering: to authentically encapsulate the soul of the artist.

My journey as a visual storyteller has led me to collaborate with a diverse spectrum of musicians, ranging from indie rock singer-songwriters to mesmerizing DJ sets and thunderous metal acts. Regardless of your sonic identity, I possess the vision and expertise to craft photographs that resonate with your unique musical persona.

Beyond the stage and studio, my camera has danced to the rhythm of music journalism, contributing to renowned publications like Triple J Magazine, The WiRE Magazine, Xpress Magazine, and the illustrious Drum! Magazine USA, among others.

My lens has ventured where music thrives at its fullest—backstage at iconic festivals like Parklife, Southbound, Laneway, and Future Music. I’ve crossed paths with legendary figures like Deep Purple, reveled in the enigmatic aura of Crystal Castles, and delved into the lyrical world of Drapht. Yet, I could regale you with stories all day long, but the true testament lies in the visual melodies that adorn my portfolio, where the artists themselves come alive through my photographs. Explore the harmonious blend of music and imagery, and let the chords of my work strike a resonant note within your creative heart.

I am available for promotional and live music photography for musicians and labels. Use the contact page to make a booking.

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Music Photography Sydney