Professional Tinder Photos-FAQ

Where do I get changed?

If you book a Leichhardt shoot where I am based, you can change at the premises. Otherwise I also have a portable change room which can be used, or you can use pubic change rooms near the shoot location.

Why aren’t there any example photos?

The privacy of my clients is very important to me, and I wouldn’t break that trust by publicly using images from a shoot such as this on my site. However, all of the photos on my site are taken by me, and I’ll be photographing you.

Won’t it be obvious I’ve got professional photos?

Yes, your photos will look professional, however, I photograph you looking relaxed and happy. This isn’t a fashion shoot, and you won’t be posed in strange ways that make you look like you’re “trying too hard”. I normally say that if you’re asked about it, just tell them a friend of yours is a photographer and wanted to practice taking portraits.

Why don’t you use a studio?

Studio photos look staged, and I only use studios for professional shoots where it is required. If your shoot was in a studio you would have to answer questions about the shoot on a date, as they would look like they were taken for your work.

How long until my photos are ready?

Depending on your package, you will get a varying number of colour corrected and retouched images. Generally, your proofs will be sent via dropbox within a week after your shoot. Once you have selected your proofs, your colour corrected images will be ready within another week. From there you select your images for retouching. (Basic and standard package shoots have the images colour corrected and retouched in the same process).

Have you done many of these shoots before?

I have photographed hundreds of clients for their tinder and online dating profiles. Some of whom are returning customers who also request me to photograph their LinkedIn profiles too.

I’m X years old, is this type of thing for me?

My clients range in age and life experience. From people who have just finished their HSC; to others who are just getting back into the dating scene after many years married. Whether you are 18 or 55, I will make you look your best.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, and a few changes of outfits (bring more looks than your shoot requires). Try and choose outfits that have a few layers such as a shirt or jacket, and mix up t-shirts with button shirts. The goal is to give you a set of photos that don’t all look taken at the same moment.

Please make sure you bring clean and ironed or dry cleaned clothes to your shoot, dress like you would on a date.

What should I do beforehand?

If you’re thinking of getting a hair cut, make sure you do it a few days before your scheduled shoot. Some people can get a little bit of a rash from clippers, and haircuts look better a couple of days later anyway. (This doesn’t affect everyone though, if it’s your normal hair cut and it looks good straight away, it’s all good!)

Get a decent night’s sleep and don’t hit the drinks. If you’re hungover, it will show in your photos.

Where is the photoshoot?

Generally, I shoot around the area of Leichhardt where I am based, I use a range of backdrops from parks, to laneways, to urban backdrops. Each location is selected based on your wardrobe and look.

Once you book a shoot, you will be emailed details about where to go on the day.

Drop me a line using the contact page today and book in your own shoot!

Why are there no available times in the middle of the day?

As we shoot outside, I restrict the booking times to when the sunlight is lower in the sky, giving nice natural lighting. I also use portable studio lights, as outside light can be variable.