Music Videos Sydney

Music Videos Sydney
Music Videos Sydney

Music Videos

Are you needing a music video made for your band? Whether you’ve just signed with a label, or are keen to make lo-fi music videos on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

From big budget clips, filmed on cinema cameras, to smaller jobs, shot on digital SLR, we can produce a video for your tracks or songs. Whether you’re an indie singer songwriter, or a hip hop act, or even metal, we love working with different styles of music.

Perhaps you have a concept for a music video you’d like to get produced, maybe you’d like some help with the creative. We’re happy to work with you, no matter what stage of planning you’re at.

We have a professional editor, and can produce your video from concept to final delivery for playback. Whether you want your clip on ABC’s Rage, or just for your youtube and social media accounts, we can help!

With 20 years combined experience in our production team, we know how make visuals that match the aesthetic of your sound.

Music videos start from $3500, which gets you a full day (8 hours) of shooting, and three days edit.

Get in touch today, and lets talk about your music!

Polymer, Believers music video.

Mathas, White Sugar Video Clip, featured on ABC’s Rage.