After the Northcliffe Fires

I was down south over the Easter long weekend staying with family in Northcliffe. The fires came quite close to my family’s property, my Dad said you could see a red glow on the horizon every night of the fires, scary stuff. We went up to Mount Chudalup, the highest point near Northcliffe to inspect the extent of the damage. It was surreal to walk through normally¬†impenetrable¬†karri forest, and seeing Mount Chudalup stripped bare, showing the rock formations without any coverings.


Exposed rock formations, this one looks like a rabbit to me…

Looking down to the car park at Mount Chudalup.

Normally this whole area is full of thick scrub, with the view of Mount Chudalup obscured.

The view from the north peak of Mount Chudalup, you can just see the south peak through the dried trees.

The walkways up to the top were all burnt out.

The view from Mount Chudalup looking south-south east. You can really see the extent of the damage.