The Gyuto Monks of Tibet

It was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

I had just dropped Nicole off at work, and was walking around Fremantle with my camera in hand, when I came across the monks in the Fremantle Town Hall.

They were in the middle of chanting, so I walked in slowly and had a look at the sand mandala that they had been creating.

I noticed there was an upper level of seating, from where I could get a good photo of the mandala from above. I headed up there and got a photo.

When I was walking down the stairs, a lady came up to me and asked “are you our photographer?”. I replied, “I could be, why?” She said that their photographer was unable to make it down, and that they needed photos of one of the monks for the UK Sunday Times Magazine. I happy said that I could take some photos for her.

The monk pictured in the portraits was introduced to me as Yeshe, I assume he is some sort of leader in their group, though I didn’t ask a lot of questions, it was just really nice meeting and photographing someone so at peace.

Here is what I took.

All photos © Jordan Shields, please contact for usage requests.

Riley Pearce

Riley Pearce is a local songwriter who I took some photos for a couple of months ago. He is a really friendly guy, and his music has a lot of soul.

From Riley’s Triple J Unearthed page:

A gifted songwriter, singer and guitarist based in Perth, Western Australia, Riley Pearce has had an incredible passion for music all his life. His songwriting, and ability to connect with the audience is a powerful combination together with his strong rich voice and crisp guitar skills. As a young 19 year old musician getting established across the Western Australian market his performances are sought after at numerous festivals, fairs and markets across the metropolitan area.

His musical influences includes the likes of Passenger, Matt Corby & Charlie Simpson who all have their own unique styling much the same as Riley offers. He truly is a promising young talent that is developing a growing following.

Have a listen to Riley’s music on his Soundcloud page and if you like what you hear, become a fan on facebook.