Winter update

Moonbi Frost

It’s been a strange few months for everyone. With cities in Australia locking down, and businesses having to adapt to a new way of working during Covid-19. Although business has been somewhat quieter, some services have really been picking up.

One part of my work, event photography, has completely stopped, as events are moving online. However with many businesses moving to a delivery model, I have been doing a lot more product photography, as well as portraits of business owners, so they can tell the story of their business to potential customers online.

Another thing that has really picked up during Covid-19 are my shoots for online dating profiles. With people not able to head out and socialise in bars and other settings, a lot more people are using online dating apps to meet new people and start relationships.

I’m looking forward to getting back into event photography and live music photography (my favourite type of photography), but it’s been a good time to focus on working on my business and not just working for my business.

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